Mr. McMouse by Leo Lionni

Incredible illustrations completed by self-taught author Leo Lionni in Mr. McMouse. A fantasy picture book, about a city mouse who moves out to the country. To his surprise, the country mice require him to complete a field test to live among them in their castle. Being a city mouse his entire life, he has a difficult time completing the tasks that they have laid out for him; however, an unforeseen situation comes about and the city mouse was able to use his skills that he had to save both him and a country mouse. This led to his ability to be able to stay amongst the country mouse at an honorary level.

I love this story! When you read page by page, on the surface it is a good story about a mouse who was able to save another mouse. Which in itself is a great mouse tale. However, when you are able to step back, look at the big picture, and analyze the text; you uncover a hidden message. I believe, this message may change based on the perspective of the reader; due to his or her own life experiences.

The way I see it, the city mouse woke up one day and realized that he did not recognize who he was anymore. Living in the same place since he was born and going about his business day in and day out, he sought something new. Was he bored of his life? Did he realize he was older and needed a change of pace? What was it that made him feel as though that he needed to go out into the country? These answers will vary across the views of readers. Whatever it was, when he arrived he was welcomed by some country mice who was willing to let him join in their group as long as he was capable of passing some tests. Although, this city mouse was incapable of doing things their way, he astounded them and won them over when he used his own skills and abilities to save the day.

In our own lives, do we seek out change and find a life that we may not fit in the general crowd, only to find that we are important because of our differences not our similarities? I think this is a great read aloud for upper elementary students who may be able to figure out the moral of the story on their own or with some guidance from the teacher. Once the message appears to the students, they should participate in a discussion or journal free-write to allow them to process their thoughts and ideas on the topic. Have they experienced a time in their life that things have drastically changed? Have they moved to another place, vastly different from where they came from? Have they found their unique abilities and differences to be positive or negative in their life situation?

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Another great read in my #BookaDay Summer Reading Challenge (you can read more about this here), I hope you will take the opportunity to read this book and find your own point of view of the story which lays between the lines. Until, next time...

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