Have a "Sweet" Summer

Today is the last day of school in the Twin Falls School District. I have a lot of candy left over from my daughters birthday party last weekend, so I put some sweet treats together and visited the Elementary School to help send off my pre-internship placement 2nd graders into their summer vacation.

I found the cutest little candy toppers at Tipp"Ins" & Out, that say, "Have a Sweet Summer". Click on the link or the picture above to download and print your end of the school year candy topper to place on your treats.

I surprised them all with my visit! The look on their faces was priceless. They were watching a movie when I arrived, my former cooperating teacher (CT) paused it due to all the commotion. The students all came at me with a giant group hug. It was so good to see them. Once they quieted down, I sat on the floor with them to watch the last ten minutes of the movie. They brought blankets and pillows today, so they all moved their "seats" to be closer to where I was sitting. When the movie ended, they all had stories to share with me.

Before lunch, I completed a game of hangman with them. Knowing that I was going to pass out their treats to them after the game was over, I used the phrase "Have a Sweet Summer". I made sure to check their ability to use all of the vowels, each of them raised their hands quietly and listed off each one. Then I asked them to guess from the consonants. They did an excellent job of figuring out the phrase and won the game. As they lined up for lunch, I sent them off with their treats. I promised my CT that I would come visit her next school year. I will need to come in on a Friday after school so that I can see those smiling faces come in (past students come in for a piece of candy from her). I will have to do something like that in my future classroom, it is a great way to stay connected to your former students.

What an incredible morning! Back to reading and studying, I go. Until next time ....

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