Five Minutes' Peace by Jill Murphy

Last Friday, my daughter came home from Boys & Girls Club and exclaimed, "that place is a madhouse, I need some peace." So, when I saw Five Minutes' Peace, I knew it was one I needed to read and share with her.

Although the characters are elephants, this fictional book is extremely close to being a very realistic one. A mother elephant is in need of five minutes of alone time and as we know it, is having a difficult time doing so. Her attempts to having five minutes to herself are noble and completely well-deserved, yet the children appear to be anxious to allow this quiet time to happen. I commend her for the effort, although not completely successful. In addition, I also reward her for not giving up. I would like to believe that over time she has success as her children learn that MOM-me time is very important.

An animated reading of the book is found on YouTube, read by Maxine Peake:

This book made me giggle, as I thought back to the time when my boys were young. I was so desperate to wake up before them to have a cup of coffee on my own. Waking up earlier and earlier to have those early morning quiet moments. Unfortunately, I would pass by their room to get to the kitchen and they heard me creeping by. I did not give up, I actually purchased a small coffee pot and placed it on my nightstand with a coffee cup. I froze non-dairy coffee creamer in the ice-cube tray during the day time, so that I could place it in my cup before I went to sleep. The coffee pot timer was set to make my coffee at 6:00 am; I did not use an alarm, as I was afraid it would wake the boys. The sound of coffee percolating and the smell of the coffee brewing was all I needed to wake up. I was able to make my coffee without getting out of bed and was able to drink one, two, or even three cups before the boys woke up! Those were the best of mornings as a mother of young children.

If read aloud in the classroom, I could see a discussion between teacher and students to lead to the importance of giving their family members time to themselves. I would also add that, it is okay for them to want some time to themselves as well. Just as my daughter did this weekend.

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Thank you for reading this post, which is part of my #BookaDay Summer reading challenge. You can read more about this, here. Until next time...

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