#BookaDay Summer Challenge 2018

Last night, Donalyn Miller hosted a Facebook Live Chat to kick off her #BookaDay Summer Challenge! This challenge begins when you want and ends when you want. You create your own literacy challenge to increase your reading life and then share what you are reading with the hashtag #Bookaday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc (wherever you are on social media). You can watch the 10th Annual Summer #BookaDay Challenge Facebook Live here below:
Throughout the FB Live Chat, Donalyn asks, "What is your challenge?" How can reading a book a day throughout the summer, help you reach your goals in the classroom in the following school year? Can you read picture books that you can build into your lesson plans or can you read those YA Books that you are placing into your classroom libraries? Do you want to pick up those books that you have laying around your house that you have not had time for?
For me, #BookaDay will include reading at least one children's literature book everyday, May 21st to August 19th and sharing about them here on my blog (through a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly post). This weekend, I made a visit to my public library and found a stack to begin with.

In addition, I will be re-committing to my personal reading life through creating the habit to read at least 30 minutes before going to bed every night and then sharing what I read when I finish one of the longer YA novels, pedagogy/teaching books, or a spiritual/personal enrichment books. My goal is twofold. First, to regain the habit of reading 30 minutes a night so that when school begins in August, I will continue ... even though I am tired and have read a million pages from a history book (I am taking 4 history classes this semester at ISU, in order to finish up my history emphasis). Second, to build a resource of books that I can use in my future classroom to enhance my lessons and to build my reading repertoire so that I can increase the love of reading in my future students lives. 
The most effective reading teachers are teachers who read. According to Morrison, Jacobs, and Swinyard (1999), “Perhaps the most influential teacher behavior to influence students' literacy development is personal reading, both in and out of school” (p. 81).
― Donalyn Miller, Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer's Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits
In doing so, I am in hopes to inspire my family to work on their reading life this summer; as well as my friends, family, and acquaintances on social media. If I can do this, I know they can do it too! I will be reading with my daughter every night this summer as well. We start reading Ramona and her Mother, this Thursday night when her summer vacation begins. I cannot wait!
So what does #BookaDay summer challenge look like for you? Please share in the comments below. I would love to be inspired by what you are doing.
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