Abuela by Arthur Dorros

Beautifully illustrated by Elisa Kleven, Abuela (English Edition with Spanish Phrases) written in English and includes many phrases in Spanish. This fantasy story is told by a little spanish girl, sharing the adventures she and her grandmother (abuela) have when they spend time with one another; whether they are on the bus, on foot, on the plane, or through other mystical methods in her daydreams. The book includes a glossary that provides a list of all the Spanish phrases and words with their English translations.

I really enjoyed reading the book in both English and Spanish, this would be a great way to introduce another culture/language into your classroom and provide a different culture perspective. This will also, give your Spanish-speaking students a chance to see themselves in your read aloud. Diversity, is so very important to our students. Books are a great way to create an all-inclusive classroom.

I think, it would be a great opportunity to allow your Spanish-speaking students to join in this read aloud in the classroom. With their permission, have them read the Spanish phrases throughout the book as you read along in English. Encourage all students to also say these phrases aloud after them. Often English Language Learners (ELL's) are the ones who receive instruction from their peers, this would be a nice change for them to be doing the teaching.

In addition, allow the students after the reading of the book to write about their own experiences traveling with family members. What means have they travelled? Or have them write about a fantasy adventure of their own. Where would they go and how would they travel? Do other students know other languages? What phrases can they write out in English and the second language?

Here, the book is read by Beth Perry on Vimeo:

Abuela by Arthur Dorros from Beth Perry on Vimeo.

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I am enjoying my adventure of reading picture books and sharing them with you in my Summer #BookaDay challenge! You can read more about this here. Thank you for reading and until next time..

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