A Book About Christopher Columbus by Ruth Belov Gross

A Book About Christopher Columbus by Ruth Belov Gross is an informative picture book that properly introduces Columbus' story and his role in history. Published in 1974, the illustrations are simple, with only using the color blue; however, they assist in telling the story well. The book concludes with a section entitled, What happened afterwards? This section provides a popular historical perspective on what occurred once Christopher Columbus and his crew arrived to the lands that were thought to be the Indies.

Growing up in the eighties, I was given the story of Christopher Columbus landing on Plymouth Rock and having Thanksgiving with the Indians. A perspective with many untruths! The focus was never about the Queen sending Columbus to India to find gold and spices, rather the connection that was made between Columbus, the crew, the indians, and the pilgrims. We made indian hats, pilgrim belts, and homemade butter.

I am so glad that this book captures a more truthful perspective in American history. This read aloud could be a hook to the lesson in which you discuss the role of Christopher Columbus and could be paired with other picture books that provide different perspectives of him arriving to the Americas in 1492. Social Studies provides us with an opportunity to seek out more than one perspective of an event and multiple views should be taught to our students. This book, takes on the perspective of Columbus and his crew, but what about the perspective of the Indians? What about the explorers who found that Columbus did not actually arrive in India? I have a few resources pinned on my Pinterest board entitled, Christopher Columbus in the Classroom, which assists us to teach a variety of historical views. How do you teach multiple perspectives in Social Studies? What books do you use to teach about Christopher Columbus?

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The reading of this book was a part of my Summer Reading #BookaDay Challenge, you can read more about it here. Until next time....

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