Pre-Internship: Tuesday the Third of April

Today, I came in at the start of school to see how the morning goes in the second grade classroom. I typically come in to observe, learn, and assist in the afternoon so I miss all the learning that takes place before I arrive.

Morning Conversation
Reconnect with the student absent yesterday and check in to see if he is feeling well. I like how this gives the student the opportunity to come back to school feeling welcome and gives them an opportunity to allow them to share. Ask students about cold lunch and hot lunch while having a learning opportunity. Story problem: If we have 22 students, 1 is absent, and two are having cold lunch. How many students are having hot lunch?

English Language Arts
A powerpoint takes the students through learning the sounds of this weeks ow/ou. Then works on words: root, blend, suffix, word. Example: clown + cl - ow - n + ing + clowning.

Break: Countdown to Summer
On a roll of white paper, students are making a countdown to summer vacation. Yesterday, they added the days in April to the days they will attend in May for a total of 54 days. Then they sutracted a day for yesterday, arriving at 53. Today they subtract another day: 52 days till summer vacation.

She began with a transition, I really like. My CT stated, "You have until I pass out these papers to talk to those in your pod." As she finished passing out the papers she began to countdown from 10 to 1 until they were quiet. They were ready to begin the new lesson. Spelling words with the spelling patterns ow/ou. They completed a handout which allowed them to sort the list of spelling words to those which have the ow and those who have ou. When this was completed they played a round of Around the World with their spelling words.

Nouns, Adjectives & Verbs
Yesterday, the students walked around the room, found a noun, and described it with an adjective. Today, they are looking at their noun and adjective and created a verb that their noun can take action to. Tomorrow they will be creating a sentence with the parts they have found. This was a quick activity that helps them work on their parts of speech and using the items they see and use everyday to make it relatable to them.

Retell a Story
Today they are reading a short story, using repeat reading strategy. This short story was found in their basal reader within the Wonders program. They are to read the story to themselves twice and then read to their partner. Tomorrow they will have questions to answer in regards to the story and an opportunity to share about the story in their own words. While they read silently to themselves my CT worked one on one with a student who attends Special Education. They worked on a list of sight words and she provided her with a short story that she can read this week with her family at home. When students were finished with their reading they were to read their AR book.

A combination of activities from an online Geoboard completing vertices based on the questions given by their teacher at Then completion of some story problems to do on a worksheet individually. When they were done with their worksheet, they began a game Ship Shape Shapes. This was a powerpoint that walked the students through a number of different math problems that will create different shapes. In the end, if done correctly they will have created a ship. The students then completed pages in their math workbook in the program Bridges.

Morning Thoughts
The students are led through activity to activity with little breaks in between the entire morning. They are learning new things, applying them to material already learned and then applied to real life events. They are sitting down and standing up. They are working alone, as a class, with a partner, or in a group. Everyone is constantly moving. Because I was sitting still, observing and learning my body got tired; however, I can see how teacher and student kept the learning process going from the beginning of school till lunch. It is an amazing sight to see!

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