Pre Internship: The Day After Spring Break

As the students came in for recess it was a nice way to reconnect after a long two week break (I had my spring break and then they had theirs).

Miscellaneous Moment
Students finish math assignment from earlier this morning, while others read for AR. They have new goals for the new quarter.

A room arrangement took place over break and the students are in now in pods. Their is a pod near the teacher's work area that has students that are in need of additional assistance. In addition, they are working on a reward this quarter. In order to participate in attending JIVE in April, they will need to have less than three refocus' forms in their file. We are in hopes that all students will be able to participate; however, they will need to work on their individual classroom behavior. Lastly, the third through fifth graders are currently completing their I SATs so there will not be Computers for specials/block time. Anytime students are normally in Computers, the counselor will be coming in for their weekly lesson.

Weekly Counselor Lesson
Skills: Work on Strong Feelings.

While students were at recess today, I took the time to work on my unit plan. I was able to run a few ideas by my CT. Timing and choosing the best activity for the students to meet the goal of the day was the topic of discussion. She prepared me to be ready for some tasks to go very well; while others may not be the best fit for the goal. There will be a lot of trial and error in the first years of teaching. My takeaway, failure may happen but do not give up hope something will work and students will obtain the goal when the moment is right.

Reading To Intervention
Students are working on their iStation practice for upcoming end of the year IRI tests.

Writing Process
Students are are working on a topic free write: What I did for Spring Break. They are to finish the writing with a picture to support their paragraph. They are to focus on conventions and sentence structure.

ISAT Cheerleaders
The second grade class has adopted one of the fourth grade classes that is taking the ISATs this week. Tomorrow they will be taking the Science test so the class made a sign to cheer them on! They wrote individual messages on the sign wishing them the best of luck on their testing. What a great way to support their fellow students!

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