Pre-Internship: Friday

Morning Meeting
I love morning meetings! It is such a great way to prepare for the day. My CT goes over reminders and what they will be doing today. The only difference in my future classroom, is that it would be after bell-work so I can get my administrative duties done and it would be done at the calendar on a meeting rug. That way when the meeting is over you can switch gears into the calendar/ daily number circle for math. I really like this area from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits (without the rocking chair, I am fearful of fingers and toes getting smooshed)

What does your meeting place look like?

Language ArtsThe students worked on the interactive whiteboard as a class with sentences. Each of the sentences needed to have the nouns circled and the verbs underlined. Students sitting at their desk were encouraged to be prepared to help students at the whiteboard, so they needed to know what the nouns and verbs were. I really like this interactive start of the day to get the brain and body moving.

Spelling Test 

Students placed their folders up at their desks and prepared a piece of paper for their weekly spelling test. My CT gives them 3 sentences that include some of the words they worked on this week. This week they were focused on the -tch and -ere sounds. When the students write the sentences, they are to focus on the correct spelling of the words, capitalization, and correct punctuation. If the sentence includes a word that they may not be familiar with she writes it up on the board. Not sure if the students at practice with contractions she wrote don't on the board.
I am not a fan of the folders to separate their space, I have seen different ideas for testing time. I would rather the students use their folders for the assignments they are currently working on. I found this one on Pinterest that uses the dollar store trifold poster boards and uses pretty duct tape to fold over the cutting edge! You could make a class set for $15.

AR Testing/ Reading
The students are finishing up the quarter, trying to meet their AR goal of 20 points. My CT is giving the students time to read books and take tests so that they can reach their goal (today is the last day). Students who have finished their AR goal are encouraged to complete iStation or another reading game.

Recess/ Quick Prep
With a half a day, there is no prep time. So my CT and I quickly scrambled to get last minute preparations for the remainder of the day ready during recess. I spent the time with final preparations on my mini-lesson #4.

Mini Lesson #4
For my last mini lesson for observation in the second grade classroom, I created a M&M graphing lesson. The focus was CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.D.10, using the I Can statements:

  • I can solve word problems using the data from a bar graph.
  • I can draw a bar graph to represent data with up to four categories.

I created a handout for the students to complete:

As a class, we did the activity together on the interactive whiteboard:

I created M&M's for the board by taping pictures of M&M's onto magnets I found at the Dollar Tree. I placed them into an empty package of snack size M&M's, so they appeared to be a giant size M&M's! This way we could use the manipulatives on the board as a class.

I then passed out the snack size M&M's and handout to each student and assisted them as needed. The lesson was a big hit with the students and I think that learned a lot. When I was finished, I spent some time grading the papers.

I chose to eat a cold lunch with the students today! We had a good time socializing outside of the classroom. That was a lot of fun! When they went out to recess, I snuck into the classroom to finish grading papers.

Cartoon & Snack
We finished the remaining 30 minutes of the day with a treat! The quarter is complete and the report cards are finished. My CT had them watch Scooby Doo and eat Ice Cream sandwiches she purchased while on lunch break. What a great ending to a fantastic day!

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