Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment (ICLA): Standard I Language Learning and Literacy Development

Today, I will be taking the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment (ICLA) Standard I: Language Learning and Literacy Development test. This series of three (soon to be four) tests, measures knowledge and skills needed for research-based literacy instruction. All Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education graduates from the Idaho State University College of Education recommended for the initial Idaho certification must obtain passing scores (70 or above). These qualifying scores are also a graduation requirement for these teacher preparation programs.

ICLA Standards
  • Standard I: The practicing educator has knowledge, strategies, and beliefs about language structures and literacy instruction that are based on current research and best practices to maximize student reading success.
  • Standard II: The practicing educator understands and applies/promotes research and best practices that maximize student reading success in comprehension.
  • Standard III: The practicing educator understands and promotes/applies appropriate strategies, multiple assessments, and interventions to maximize student reading success*.
In preparation for this test, I have studied the prepared ICLA I guide found here. In addition, I have created a Quizlet set of the vocabulary words found here. On Quizlet, I am very fond of playing the matching game where you drag corresponding items (term to definition) onto each other to make them disappear. I also like to create a test on Quizlet with multiple choice, true or false, and matching to assess my knowledge of the vocabulary words. Then, I turn to the ICLA Study Guide for the practice items given to assess vocabulary knowledge, identification of spelling patterns, and best instructional practices. This practice test provides an answer guide which allows you to further assess your abilities. Once I have received a passing score on my own, I know that I am ready to head to the testing center and complete the examination.

In the last Quizlet test I took, I have received a 95% on the vocabulary of ICLA standard I. In the last practice test I completed, I received a 89%. This has personally given me the green light to take the test.

Wish me luck!

* ICLA information from the website.

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