What I Wore: Week Before Last

I was sick last week, so I was unable to participate in my pre-internship placement. I went to one class on Thursday, fortunately that was the only class that was scheduled for me. I am feeling much better today; however, a cough still lingers. Here is what I wore, the week before last week.

Head to Toe: Hair Pin from Target, Rose scarf from Target Dollar Spot,
Black & White Stripe Shirt from Wish App, Denim Shirt from Banana Republic,
Black Slacks from Gig Harbor Goodwill & Black Shoes from ShopKo
Tuesday:  Pre-Internship

Head to Toe: Harry Potter Always Necklace from Target,
Grey & Green Stripe Sweater from Local Thrift Shop, Grey Merona Tee from Target,
Brown Corduroys from Friend & Brown Clogs from Twin Falls Gig Harbor
Bengal Wednesday: Class & Pre-Internship 
Head to Toe: Rose HairPin from Target,
Black Turtleneck Sweater from Gig Harbor Goodwill,
Rose Necklace from Hope Ave,
Black/Orange Stripe Merona Skirt from Target & Black Shoes from ShopKo

Thursday:  Middle School ELA Observation & Class

Head to Toe: Black Rose HairPin from Target, Scarfland Leopard Print Scarf from Amazon,
Camel Boyfriend Cardigan from Old Navy, Black & White Stripe Merona Tee from Target,
Brown Belt from Gift, Black Skirt from Banana Republic & Black Shoes from ShopKo
 Friday: Pre-Internship

Head to Toe: Grey Rose HairPin from Target, Pearl HairPin from Target,
Flower Pin from Target, Grey/ White Polka Dot Scarf from Target Dollar Spot,
Cream Sweater from Gift, Grey/White Striped Merona Shirt from Friend,
Grey Pants from Macy's & Brown Clogs from Twin Falls Goodwill

I really enjoyed this weeks selection of clothes, I hope you did too! Please let me know what you think in the comments, I would love to hear your opinion. I wonder what I am going to wear this week? 


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