Unit Lesson Plan Starting Points

This week, we are reading about the starting points in developing a unit plan, in the book
The Understanding by Design: Creating High Quality UnitsI found a notable quote on page 34:
“Readers can see and follow the recipe easily because the cook has made sure to clarify the chronology of the work to be done. But this logical approach to offering a recipe as the product of work almost always hides the messy, back and forth process by which the recipe was developed, tested, refined, and completed."
I think it is important to remember that in creating a lesson - the end result is a fine polished (still a piece of work in progress, fine tuned to specific taste) masterpiece that will give instruction and guidance to the teacher to complete the unit with his or her students. It does not mean that it was created from beginning to end. We should not try to sit down and complete a unit plan template from start to finish in chronological order. I really wish I had known this while struggling through the lesson plans I created in the beginning of the education program as a freshman at CSI. It was all about plugging in information in the spaces on the template.

What do you think about this quote and the unit lesson planning process?

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