Pre-Internship: Monday

Weekly Reader

This week, students learn about Ruby Bridges, who integrated a school in first grade. First, they read the article to themselves, Second, they partner up. Partner A: reads aloud while Partner B: follows along. Then they switch roles. The student hears the article three times before they fill out the questions in the back that asks about the headline, photo caption, quotation marks, How does Ruby feel about kids today, and What is the main idea of the article? I really like how the questions focus on what they read and of the layout/organization of an article.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

New groups for the second graders for the remainder of the year. My CT's group of
students are completing a 2 week unit on Robotics. They will first Read and Learn about Robotics, then learn about Engineering and they will finish the unit with creating robotic legos. Today the students watched a video about the history of robotics. As a group, they answered the questions on the handout that was given to them in reference to the video. When they finished, they discussed the things they learned in the video. I really like how they are using intervention time to read about something new and interesting. Here the students are learning through reading. They have been so busy learning to how to read they begin to reap the benefits of what readers can do!


Completion of the Chart on Tsunamis, Earthquakes, and Tornados. Final attempt for all students to ask questions to gain enough information for their Google Slides presentation on Natural Disasters.

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