Pre-Internship: Inservice Day

I woke up early this Tuesday to prepare for a full day in the second grade, with no students. I attended my first Inservice Day!

A teacher's' work day today, began with a 2nd grade team meeting to discuss their Math program Bridges for the 4th quarter. My CT then worked on entering grades in milepost; while I read through my Charlotte Danielson Book. After awhile of individual work, we discussed my plans for the rest of the semester in her classroom. Scheduling my two remaining Mini Lessons to be completed for observation and my Unit Plan. We decided that I will be working on Social Studies, Idaho Content Standard 4: Civics & Government. If you know me at all, you will know that I find this topic to be very exciting! I cannot wait to create this unit for the second graders. 

I was now better prepared to work alongside my CT. Let the planning begin!

I found unused social studies curriculum books in her resources and I have found some direction and inspiration for my unit; I will complete on Citizenship, Communities & Rules. I am required to write a 6 day "unit" plan for my second grade class; complete with pre & post assessments and a final project. I am to teach at least two of the six days. At my request, I will be teaching the entire unit!

After lunch, the 2nd grade team met again to discuss their reading program Wonders, Response to Intervention in the 4th quarter, and parent-teacher conferences. When the meeting was over, my CT received another file cabinet from the school janitor and began organizing and cleaning up the room.


The day started slow; however, I was prepared as it was a teacher workday and there was much to do by the team. Although, listening in on their meeting made me more aware of what being apart of a teacher grade team meant. It provided me with insight on how lesson planning and pacing was divided up between the team and how the administration held them accountable to what was taught in the classroom.

Another takeaway, I had today is that keeping your room clean/organized is like running/ managing another household! During the day it is so easy to sit piles down, put something in one place, or lay a stack of books in another place. But, over time it is so easy to forget where everything was temporarily placed. Just like what I have taught my children at home and what I try to do most days; when you get something out or create something new, when you are finished with it, put it where it belongs. Easier said than done, I know. But if I super clean my house once every three/four months, I can maintain it during the school semester. I think, (I hope) that I can do this in the classroom as well. I think, (I hope) that I can teach my students to clean up as they go and stay organized to maintain the classroom too.

What do you do to keep your classroom from looking like a tornado went through it? Please share your ideas in the comments!

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