Pre-Internship: A Chatty Morning


Bell ringer, while my CT took roll, admin duties, etc. I really liked to see how this actually
works in the morning. With the directions told to the students and they were busy reading, my CT was able to get all of her early morning chores completed. I can see how this is one of the best strategies to complete every morning! The reading they are doing is for a comprehension test they will complete later this morning.

Reading Groups

A few students went to work with another teacher, the remainder of the class was split into partners. She began by instructing which students would be A and which would be B. She asked A’s to whisper hello to her and then they began reading in this whisper voice. This gave students a chance to show her how they were to complete their partner reading task and set expectations. Partner A: Read with Tracking Finger; Partner B: Followed along. (3x) the 4th time the students were told to read the article backwards, just for fun and read the words.

Writing Practice

My CT wrote a sentence on the board, incorrect spellings, order, incorrect capitalization and punctuation errors. As a group, the students fixed the errors and made a complete, structured sentence . The students learned to work as a team. If I had done this differently, I would have had the students complete the sentence first by themselves on their own paper (for extra practice) and then do it together. Students came to the board and made their corrections, students discussed if this was wrong or right. If they made a mistake on their own they could have fixed them at this time.

Assembly .... Just Kidding

The bulletin states that we had an assembly at 9am so with a few minutes to spare we lined up and prepared to walk down to the multi-purpose room for the informative K-2 meet on the Spell-a-thon fundraiser.  Before we made it there, the principal let us know that they were not yet ready and set up for the assembly and that we would be called down when they were ready for us. So, we turned around and head back to the room.

Reading Test

Since the class was all back together, my CT chose to return to the test that they began this morning in reading. She had them read the second story and reviewed the first story.


Time for the assembly! Students lined up and headed into the multi-purpose room. We heard a presentation about next week's fundraiser for the students; how to participate, how to turn in the forms, and what prizes will students, classrooms and teachers can win! My CT sat in the back of the room, so I stood with our class. I walked around the students when they needed a small refocus to pay  attention (they needed a lot of reminders to be quiet today). This was good practice in taking classroom management skills outside of the classroom. Consistency and practicing procedures often while setting expectations are so very important.

Reading Test

A return to the reading test. My CT took this moment to let them know that it is important to take breaks when doing long tasks. In addition, it is a good idea to review the information you are working on when you return from a break or an interruption. She compared it to an athlete warming up before an event, the brain needs to refocus on what you were doing prior to the break or the interruption.
After the explanation she had the students read stories again and then began the writing portion of the test.

How do you deal with interruptions in the classroom? Please tell me in the comments below!

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