Pre-Internship - Busy Day

Math: Fractions with Legos The students are learning 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and my CT had them show her their understanding and assist with their understanding of these fractions with legos. These are the students that best understood the concept today. I was quite impressed with how they were able to put into their own words why they chose the legos and how they stacked them to have the different fractions.

Prep Discuss with another teacher & CT pre-assessment reading, Math program Bridges tests, Summer school recommendations, and District wide change in Parent Teacher Conferences. Our school district is not allowing teachers to complete open house style conferences due to the new standards based report card. They believe it will best be done as a typical one-on-one conference. 

Response to Intervention Reading about the history of robotics 320 BC-1999 in order to complete the handout they received on Monday. When students finished they show my CT their finished responses. She is checking for right and wrong answers; those who have them correct receive a smiley face and those who have wrong answers are sent back to re-read to get the right answers. After everyone finished the responses correctly, they discussed them as a group. I really like how she keeps students building comprehension skills by having them re-read until they get it right, instead of reading once and guessing or misinterpreting what was read. 

Google Slides/ Language Arts Those students who have not completed their google slides project on Volcanoes, Tornadoes and Tsunamis came to the back table to work with me. While the class completed an activity through the reading Wonders program to work on Action Verbs. This is a change in the lesson plan; as my CT scheduled time for students to complete their Google Slides today both in the morning and the afternoon. Most of the students (more than she expected) completed them this morning. This freed up time in the afternoon to work on the skills they have been learning this week.

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