Pre-Internship: Blood Orange

Reading After recess, my CT read the second book in the series - The People of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau. They finished The City of Ember on Friday and they were very sad the book had ended. When they were told that there was a second book, they begged my CT to begin reading it! It makes me very happy they love reading and being read to. It is such a special time for a teacher to read to her students. On Friday, I will be reading my favor Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham for Read Across America Day.. I cannot wait!

2nd Grade Team Meeting While the students were at block, the second grade team met with the principal and the Instructional coach for a meeting. We discussed: the plans for Elementary School Summer Program, Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration on Friday, the Lockdown drill scheduled for this Thursday, and data collection requirements for I-station/ MobyMax in milepost.
This Friday, we have a gentleman dressing up as The Cat in the Hat and visiting the students for a special birthday celebration with brownies! Thursdays lockdown drill will include a fire alarm; which students will prepare by not leaving their classroom while the lockdown role takes first priority. This comes after the shooter in Parkland, pulled the fire alarm so that students would exit the building.

I-station For the remainder of the school year, the second graders will be on I-station during intervention time. This will assist them in getting to know this program better as we await legislation to approve the use of I-station for testing next school year. I really like how the program is set up for students to update their stories based on their achievement on their monthly assessment. Students are given individual practice where they most need it.

MobyMax and other Math programs A large group of students went to Title 1 for math practice toward the end of the day so the rest of the class stayed on their chromebooks and practiced math through various online programs.

Blood Orange  a different kind of orange that I have never had before was shared with the classroom today. Having a few left over, I had the opportunity to take one home for me and my family to try. They are amazing, orange with a hint of raspberry. Not quite appealing to the eye as there flesh appears bloody; however they are a treat to one's taste buds.

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