The Smell of Coffee

In my Global Environmental History class we are currently studying olfactory. My professor writes, "Smells are ephemeral, but powerful. Smells fulfill many roles, they can warn us of danger, change our moods, recall a specific memory, or indicate that dinner is ready." One of our assignments this week is to identify a smell that stands out in your home/workplace/life. In 5-10 sentences describe the smell. Where, when, and why does it occur? Identify any words, images, feelings, or memories that this smell recalls. The following is my response:

     Coffee. Each morning, the uplifting aroma drifts into my bedroom from the Keurig in the dining room down the hall. This single invigorating smell has the ability to make my eyes open, lift my head from my pillow, and begin my daily adventure. In the afternoon, I am drawn toward the fragrance of freshly grounded coffee beans percolating within the student union building. This provides me the sense of motivation to continue my slowly lingering yet very involved day on campus. In the evening, the calming scent of hazelnut coffee fills the living room from a Scentsy candle warmer. This bouquet, both sweet and down-to-earth, brings me at peace knowing that I have returned home for the evening and that my day is coming to an end.
     As a child, the essence of coffee flooded my days and evenings inside my home; the house and the people that lived in it are only a distant memory. I believe this reminder of yesterday's is why coffee continues to have a considerable effect on my everyday life today.

Are you surprised that I chose coffee? If you are new, check out my post 10 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee.


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