Teaching English Methods Reflective Journal Entry #7

One of the biggest debates in the English classroom is the use of YA Lit and Graphica over more classic works of literature. Where do you come down on this debate? Do you plan on teaching YAL/ and or Graphica in your classes? Why?
    Yes! YA Literature is the literature written for our students; similar to using Children's Literature in the early years K-5. We want relevant, engaging texts that will entice our students to read.
    This summer I read, Jennifer Buehler’s book with the NCTE Summer Reads entitled, Teaching Reading with YA literature: Complex Texts, Complex Lives. Through the study, I learned that is possible to gain the same results through the use of YA toward a diverse literature and teach the standards. There are a lot of good texts available to us. Books such as, The Hate You Give, We Are Here, and Wonder have incredibly complex themes and ideas.
    Teaching YA is not easier; it allows students to build complexity into their reading as they navigate the characters life and connect personally, socially, and academically. It lets them know that their lives are important their struggles are worthy of connection and hopefully they can learn to love reading!

For example for complex texts: Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a lexile score of 1000L; whereas, Of Mice and Men has a score of 630L.    

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