Mini-Lesson Practice

When I arrived at the elementary school this afternoon, my CT and I connected at the front office. While walking back to the classroom, she instructed me of today's plan. First thing on the list, my mini-lesson practice with the students. The students are learning three digit addition with one set of regrouping. For example:
After she explained the lesson to me, I took the following notes:

  1. Roll the dice (three of them) to obtain a random three digit number
  2. Write number on board
  3. Roll the dice (three of them) to obtain a random three digit number in which you can manipulate to ensure one set of re-grouping and avoid going into the 1,000's
  4. Write the number on the board with a plus sign. (Wait for students)
  5. Students will write number on their individual white boards and solve problem.
  6. Once given time to complete, ask students "show me your boards"
  7. Solve with the class
My CT completed a few problems with the students when they came in from recess and then told them that I will be finishing the lesson with them. I introduced the remainder of the math lesson and rolled the dice, wrote the numbers on the board, provided wait time while walking around the room to see where the students were at (I found this also kept students from turning to talk to their neighbor while we waited for everyone to finish), I asked for those to raise their hands if they were ready to go over the problem (many raised their hands and I could not tell if any were still working so I asked who still needed some extra time) two hands were raised so I told them they have 25 seconds. During this time, I took a look at one of our students who needs additional assistance and prompted him with additional questions with the problem. I also took a moment to write a different problem on a students whiteboard who is not ready for three digit addition. He just finished the one he was given by my CT, I checked it gave him a high five for getting it right and gave him two numbers that would give him a 3 digit answer. Then I went back to the front of the room and asked the students to show me their boards, boards went up and I saw most with the correct answer; however, there were 3 or 4 that had a different answer. So I asked them to help me with the math problem on the board and we did it together. I asked those who received a different answer if they figured out how they did it differently and they stated they did. In reflection, I would like to have those who got a different number to erase their answer and solve again while we were doing it as a class. We had time to complete 4 problems together and then I led them through cleaning up and getting ready to go to block. My CT exclaimed, "Mrs. Cullip did a great job teaching your lesson today, don't you think?" The students responded with a round of applause. I curtsied and told them "thank you, thank you, I will be here all semester long!" The students also deserved a round of applause. They listened well and when I instructed them to refocus and give me chipmunk cheeks (to remind them to be quiet when I am talking or when other students are thinking) they did just that.

We walked the kids to block and then prepared for the rest of the afternoon and discussed the things we learned on the field trip yesterday

After block, it was time for the students to finish their final draft within the writing process. Over the week, we began with the graphic organizer to assist the students in coming up with their response to the opinion piece of Cats and Dogs. Then the students took this information and placed it on their rough draft sheet, stating Cats make better pets than dogs or Cats don't make better pets than dogs. As the students finished their rough drafts, they were to have my CT or myself edit them so they can write out their final draft. The editing process consisted of capitalization, spelling, and correct sentence ending punctuation. When the students were finished they were allowed to read, draw, or even lay their head on their desk and relax. They worked really hard and my CT thought they deserved a break. Once the students were finished we were treated to a 20 minute showing of Planet Earth.

As we prepared for home, my CT played the candy game with the students in honor of one of them saying goodbye to us. The student and his family are moving away out of state. When saying goodbye, I gave him a fist bump and then he gave me a GIANT hug. Although we have only had a short time together, I am glad that I had the opportunity to connect with him in the classroom. 

3:00 p.m. arrived and the final school bell of the day rang. It is Friday! Until next time... 


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