Teaching English Methods Reflective Journal Entry #3

Think back on the most effective lessons that you had as a student. Pick one or two of these lessons and discuss why they were so effective. How do you plan to integrate a similar model in your own classroom?
     In junior high, I recall reading several Shakespearean plays in class. In the beginning of the Shakespeare unit, we each took a survey which helped direct us toward the Shakespeare play we should choose to read. I believe, there were five or six plays being read with about four or five students per group.
     I loved being paired with like-minded classmates who wanted to read Hamlet. Through the unit, our teacher led us through a variety of activities; reading, short stories, close reading, acting out scenes, creating a poster, etc. Even though each group was reading a different play we all experienced Shakespeare and shared our knowledge with the class. At the end of the unit, we all had knowledge of several Shakespearean plays.
     In my classroom, I would love to incorporate a similar unit! Giving students choice and grouping them with those who also made the same choice increases both the intrinsic motivation and the engagement of the material I want each student to learn.

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