My So Called Summer Vacation

A few days ago, I posted my last entry on Reading, Writing & Coffee, where I shared that I was on my much needed and much deserved summer vacation after completing my first year at Idaho State University. I also shared that I finally get to read, write, and study whatever I wanted, kind-of.

Sometimes it really stinks to be responsible! It would be so easy to be the student that says C's and D's get degrees. It is so hard to manage a GPA that earns you the position of top of your class. It does not allow you to just play around and do whatever you want, when you want.

Now, do not get me wrong. I find being at the top of the class very rewarding and true to who I am. (I say that in the most humblest way possible). I mean I cannot do anything differently. I try to ignore my responsibilities. I sometimes tell myself that I am going to do the minimum on a project that I care little about, but I am never satisfied with that. And... I end up doing whatever it takes to make it my absolute best. In the end, I learn something new and think I really could have missed out on that opportunity. I guess it comes along with my desire to be a teacher, because I know learning is so vital to our human existence.

There is a dramatic difference between reading, studying, taking a test & receiving a degree AND reading, studying, taking a test, learning, changing, & earning a degree. I feel as though if you are going to learn something; it ought to change you or create a want to change. Knowledge has that power!

So, this summer vacation of mine. The vacation that was going to allow me rest and rejuvenation (in addition to my much anticipated family vacation & participation at the NEA Student Leadership Conference). The thought that kept me sane during one of my most difficult semesters in college was a nice idea. The reality is, I am 2 semesters away from student teaching. Before I can student teach, I must meet the requirements of the remaining classes, complete 2 more ICLA (Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment) tests, and 2 more Praxis Examinations: Elementary Education Multiple Subjects & Middle School English Language Arts.

Reality bites....

I have decided to tackle the Praxis II Middle School English Language Arts this summer, my test is scheduled for August 16th. This grueling examination includes: Reading (General Knowledge, Literature & Informational Texts and Rhetoric), Language Use & Vocabulary, Writing Speaking & Listening, and English Language Arts Instruction. I ordered the Mometrix flash card set, borrowed a few resources from the ISU-TF College of Education library, and in process of invading my vacation making a plan!

Whew! I am extremely overwhelmed, when looking over this material. Do you have any tips, suggestions, and/or comments to help this girl out? I would LOVE to hear what you have to say. Are you in the same boat as me? Lets talk! Either way, leave your message in the comments! Until next time... 

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