Syllabus Week is Coming!

As I begin to countdown the last days of my Christmas Vacation, I begin to prepare for Spring Semester 2017. This semester I am going to use a combination of my composition notebook (which has a page for each day for each one of my 5 classes) and my One Note App on my iPad. Between the two, I will be able to place all of my notes for the classes I attend and have online.

I will also be using a smaller size planner this semester as I will be mostly using google calendar on my iPad as well. I am trying to integrate more technology (mostly so I do not have to carry a ton of items back and forth) and so that I am more comfortable with One Note and Google Calendar as a teacher. I love having it accessible to me no matter what technological device I am on! I am not quite ready to eliminate the physical notebook and planner.. I love having the option to write things down when I can.
My textbooks are also split between Kindle and paper textbooks (only because the kindle version was not available). This keeps my back from breaking! I just love reading my textbooks on my kindle, iPad kindle app, or the kindle app on my computer. Again, technology making my studies accessible no matter where I am located; home, school, in the truck, Starbucks, etc..


I have got preparation down so it does not take me as long as it use to and I am not changing much since everything seems to be working quite well. I received a 4.0 during Fall Semester at ISU and made it on the Dean's List. I would like to say that my organization skills, with the tools that I am using assists me in making the perfect grade. I constantly feel that I am aware of what I need to be doing.

I also received a 4.0 A in my American Literature class taken through College of Southern Idaho[/caption] Spring Semester 2017, I will be taking 4 classes at ISU and 2 at CSI (Yoga + those pictured below).

Classes at ISU begin next Monday, January 9th and CSI classes begin Tuesday January 17th! Syllabus week is quickly approaching, I better squeeze in a little more Netflix binging.... What do you do to prepare for the semester?

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