Blog Discussion Assignment Review

Over the course of this semester, I had the opportunity to follow four blogs (among many others): Edutopia, Cult of Pedagogy, Musings from the Middle School, and Mrs. Beers for this blog discussion assignment

  1. The Blog Discussion Assignment
  2. Blog Discussion #1: Relationship Building Journals
  3. Blog Discussion #2: Purposeful Middle School Classroom Set-Up
  4. Blog Discussion #3: Article of the Week (AoW)
  5. Blog Discussion #4: 7 Tips for Better Classroom Management
  6. Blog Discussion #5: CommonLit: An Online Library of Free Texts

I love the world of blogging; it is full of connection, provides a plethora of information, and in the teaching world meaningful reflection of real-life classroom experiences. Throughout this semester, I have learned about strategies, methods, lesson plans, and units that I would love to complete in my future classroom. In reading classroom experiences that were different from my own extremely limited teaching viewpoint, I have broaden my vision of the classroom experience and what it really means to teach students (not just the subjects). My teaching philosophy has remained intact; however, there are many things that have been adjusted as my eyes have been open to new possibilities. For this the assignment was quite valuable.

  Out of the these four blogs, I would say the words and wisdom shared by Jennifer Gonzalez on Cult of Pedagogy resonated with me the most. One post in particular (though many were quite intriguing) that impacted me was, How Dialogue Journals Build Teacher Student Relationship. The importance of building student relationships is key in my book toward the art of teaching. As a middle school teacher you are only allotted 45-100 minutes with each student per day. This journal experience, may require a heavy work load; however its impact can be worth its effort, and develops the connection that is lacking within school grades 6 and up. 

Not only has reading the blogs I chose been valuable, the reading of the blogs my classmates chose have been as well. Through their different blogs, I was able to expand my teaching view even more! Many posts I have saved on various Pinterest boards to assist me in my teaching career. I also found discussing the blog posts with my classmates beneficial, this giving me different perspectives on the different articles we shared. I really, truly enjoyed this weekly blog discussion assignment; I have found to start some good discussions on my blog and social media sites through these posts as well.
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