Blog Discussion #5: CommonLit: An Online Library of Free Texts

commonlit-768x1017The first post I chose this week for my blog discussion assignment was CommonLit: An Online Library of Free Texts, published on the blog, Cult of Pedagogy. In this post, Jennifer Gonzalez shares a review of the site CommonLit. Gonzalez writes, “an online library of free literacy and informational texts. CommonLit helps teachers quickly locate leveled texts that fit into a lesson or unit, assess student understanding, generate discussion, and even pair the texts with other media, all in one free platform. She had me at free! So I had to stop reading the post and click on the link to CommonLit and found all the other goodies that she spoke of that is free! I really could have spent an entire week looking at all the resources available on the site; however, I have too much homework too complete. I now have a special spot on my iPad for sites to look at when I have free time, I have added this to the list.

Challenging, well written, short, pieces of text (free) organized in such a way that makes it easy for a teacher to locate what he or she needs to teach analyzing, specific literary elements, paraphrasing, and more (for free). You can even search by Common Core reading standards. Gonzalez finishes the post by sharing even more good news! The site adds an average of 10 new titles everyday so there will always be new information available. What an incredible resource this will be in my future classroom, I absolutely love finding resources like these that will allow me to complete my job better as a teacher without all the long hard hours of searching for the right text to complete my goals in the classroom. (oh and did I mention that I love that it is free?)
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