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Blog In my EDUC 3301: Inquiring, Thinking & Knowing course I am taking this semester, we have a blog discussion assignment. Requirements are to follow five educational blogs to help deepen our understanding of current educational happenings and practices; as well as, begin to engage in the discourse of our chosen profession of teaching. I will thoroughly enjoy this semester long project; engaging in discussions each week of what we have read from the various blogs that we are following. This week we share about the blogs that we have chosen to follow. Here is my response:

 I love blogs; the connection, the information, and the real life experiences. I tend to follow most blogs through my own blogs Facebook page; however, for this assignment I accessed WordPress Reader to stay on top of the latest blog posts from the blogs that I have chosen to use for this project this semester.

After much debate and many changes, I have selected the following blogs: Idaho Education News, Edutopia, Cult of Pedagogy, Musings from the Middle School, and Mrs. Beers.

  Edutopia, is a comprehensive website that shares evidence and teacher based learning strategies that empowers others to improve K-12 education. This site provides resources to help teachers, educators, parents and students with key topics on project-based learning, social and emotional learning, comprehensive assessment, teacher development, integrated studies, and technology integration.

  Cult of Pedagogy, a site for teachers of all types. The founder, Jennifer Gonzalez is a former middle school language arts teacher who became a University professor to teach pre-service teachers. Through her site she shares encouraging posts, and up to date information from the education world. Here is an excerpt from her about page:     
 "Because you’re busy teaching, you don’t have time to study the craft as carefully as you’d like, to try out new tech tools, read books on methodology, stay on top of current research, or explore  opportunities for professional development. I dig through those things for you, weed out the crap, and show you the good stuff — resources and information that will help you do your job better. And there’s more. I also tell stories about teaching that I hope will inspire you, fascinate you, and show you that you’re not alone. When I was a full-time teacher, I wished there was a place where the discussion of teaching was elevated to a kind of art form. It is my goal to create that place here." 
  Musings from the Middle School, a blog written by Jenna Smith a middle school ELA & Math teacher in New Jersey. Jenna keeps the balance real between teacher, motherhood and being a wife. She shares lot of her lesson plans as well as idea for engaging students in the subjects she teaches, I absolutely love her use of interactive notebooks. I have been following her blog for a few months now and she is extremely inspirational to a future middle school ELA teacher!

  Mrs. Beers, a upper elementary language arts teacher from Cincinnati. Her blog is filled with lessons, ideas, and true stories from the trenches. An inspiration and plethora of information for teachers of all kinds. She has a passion for writing and reading and it is infectious. Her personality bubbles out of her posts on her blog and on her social media sites. She really enjoys to stay connected with her blog followers (she responds quickly to blog comments).

There are several other blogs that did not make the cut for this project, Nerdy Book Club, Secondary Sara, and the Book Whisperer (Just to name a few). I am really looking forward to sharing from these sites each week this semester!

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