10 Signs that you are an Education Major

Today I am celebrating my announcement of being accepted in the College of Education at Idaho State University! I am officially an education major. It is so very exciting to be getting closer to my life-long dream of becoming a teacher.

Many have said that it is extremely obvious that I am an Education Major or have shown signs that I will be a teacher when I grow up....
  1. You share stories of setting up a classroom in your bedroom as a child where you taught your stuffed animals, dolls, and maybe even a sibling or two.
  2. You become giddy when you get to go school supply shopping. You may even have a box or two dedicated to future classroom necessities or decorations (Coffee-mate says that I need to stop calling our home a box).
  3. You often fantasize about this future classroom and share specific details to anyone who will listen.
  4. You have Pinterest boards dedicated to this classroom too!
  5. You have very strong opinions about the Common Core and will share this too with anyone willing.
  6. You have incredible organization skills and this helps toward making your life manageable.
  7. You have colored and/or completed a craft project for one of your general education classes (I used The Three Little Pigs story to introduce a speech in COMM 101).
  8. You remember EVERY single teacher you had from Kindergarten to your Senior year (no matter how long it has been since you attended).
  9. You have begun the search for teacher clothes and you may have a section in your closet dedicated to such items.
  10. You would rather speak in front of 30 children instead of a small group of adults!
Oh yes!!!! I can think of many more.. any of these ring a bell? What signs have you noticed about being an Education Major? Please share, I am sure I will relate. Okay one more:

    11. You have a box full of books for your classroom library.

And... (this will be the last one, I  promise)

    12. The dollar section at the front of Target is your favorite spot in the entire store.

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