Home and the Human Body

It is said that a home is where your heart is found. A structure made up of wood, plaster and nails placed upon a concrete foundation is just a house and does not become a home until one dwells inside it. It is then that within these walls love, hope and dreams reside and the walls become alive, buzzing with memories, laughter, tears and anger that will last a lifetime whether one is living in that house or another. In similarity to the human body, it is merely a framework of bones, organs and muscles joined together, it is when blood begins pumping out of our heart into the veins, air begins flowing in and out of our lungs and our soul dwells within that it has life. Once the heart stops beating and one takes his or her final breath it is when the memory of the person that once resided in it that is remembered not the empty body that lays there.
Pictured above is our kitchen. I find it to be the grand central station of every home I have lived and most that I have visited. It is a vibrant place full of non stop activities of all hours of the day. There are places in your home like your den that you could go days, weeks and even months without stepping foot in, not your kitchen it is the place that everyone is at. Just like the brain, the hub of the human body, it is a place where nutrients are stored and delivered throughout. It is a place of communication, not only with spoken words during family meal times but also a calendar and bulletin board placed upon the refrigerator giving us reminders of what needs to be done today and where everyone in the home will be at.  Without this communication a home could become a disaster.

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