Do you think students are too plugged in?

According to the forum discussion entitled Does Technology Inhibit Deeper Learning?, there was an article published in the New York Times that states that some parents believe that, “computers inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans.” I believe as in all things there needs to be a balance between being plugged in and being unplugged; as the world continues to be plugged in we need to prepare our students for the use of technology in their world. I believe that creativity, human interaction and the development of attention spans can be done on an off line. I believe the students need to be taught and demonstrated a healthy balance so that there is time for movement and offline activities. As long as the technology that is used is to educate a child and not be busy work or filler time then I believe it to be beneficial to our techie society.
An incredible way to do so is create an online homework assignment as suggested by Salman Khan in which a lecture or a new subject is taught through a video that a child completes at home so that the actual assignments can then be completed with the teacher present so that he or she can help the students as needed. I can see many pros and cons toward this idea. Specifically if the child does not complete the homework assignment where does that lead that child during the discussion and completion of the assignment in class? I also question the availability of the internet and technology in the student’s home, not all homes are connected to the World Wide Web and not all parents are eager to allow their children to make use of it. How does this flip lesson work then? In opinion this works on paper and in the lesson plan however there is too much going against this format. I have the same concerns for “flipping a lesson” with Ted-ED.
Education in the Dark Ages was an incredible video showing ways how teachers can make technology useful inside and outside the classroom and help empower the students with learning. I believe that over time this will allow schools to save money with the purchase of ipad and the ibooks available. At cost of 14.99 or less instead of 60.00 or more is an incredible deal. When updates are available they are downloaded at little or no cost instead of a entire new book. This making it possible for students in upper class to lower class communities to have access to the same material.
As a blogger and somewhat of a techie myself I am excited to see things like Itunes U. Even for a Kindergarten classroom you can make everything available. Kids can re-watch the days lesson with their parents allowing them to know how to complete the assignments they brought home. Children who are sick can have the ability to see what is going on in the classroom while they are away. ESL Parents can learn the material too with their children! The possibilities are endless.
With all of this technology available I believe the tips shared in the article, Ways to help kids unplug from technology are beneficial for both parents and children. However as our books become available on our ipads, make sure we are giving them time to have fun on them as well setting allotted time frames for homework as well as games… but we all need to unplug and get outside and play too!

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