Can we Fix it?

My heart is saddened by the following statistics:

– A third of our students in the country does not graduate.

– Another third is not prepared for college after receiving their high school diploma.

– Only 35% of high school seniors are proficient in reading.

“Our goal is to make all schools high quality schools, make every classroom one where if a kid is showing up taking their responsibilities seriously, doing what they are supposed to do so that they can succeed, they are going to be able to read, they are going to have high math scores, it is going to take some time. But what we have now learned that there are schools that can work – even in the toughest of situations – once we know that, then it is inexcusable to not try to make every school to perform at that same level.” – Obama

It was asked during an interview by a middle school teacher in Cleveland – PARENTS!!! To paraphrase, parents are not being held accountable for the students – all the blame is being placed on the teachers. I agree, I believe that teachers, parents and students are like a three legged stool. It is difficult for a stool to complete its purpose without all three. I agree that we need good teachers, I agree that our education should be better funded, I believe that given the right situations a student can (if he or she accepts the challenge) excel, I believe there are great parents out there given any situation they will do whatever it takes to help their child succeed. But if one of those legs are broken, wobbly or completely absent you cannot always have a purposeful stool.

If we are to fix this problem we need to fix all three legs.

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