Extra-Curricular Activities

 Lectures, books, class discussions and study time are the foundation of our education. Students will find participation in extracurricular activities beneficial to our lives now and in the future. Through extracurricular activities a student has the ability to acquire new interests, meet new people and gain knowledge as well as experience. This creates a well rounded college experience providing growth personally, socially and professionally.
 Undecided majors will appreciate the benefit of acquiring new interests when participating in a few extracurricular activities. With a variety of offerings in sports, focus groups and more, one is sure to find something they enjoy. This opening up opportunities in finding a new passion that can lead to a hobby or even a career.
 Freshman, transfer students and others will welcome the benefit of meeting new people when participating in an extracurricular activity or two. Often when engaging in something you enjoy and spending time with one another connections begin to grow. This can create an atmosphere for finding acquaintances, life-time friendships and professional contacts.
 Students of all majors recognize the benefit of gaining knowledge as well as experience in an extracurricular activity. Devoting time in a group similar to the student’s education path allows them to be more prepared for their future. This can lead to a fuller resume to a prospective employer when the student graduates from college.
 One’s college education experience does not need to be only lectures, books, class discussions and study time. Though these are a firm foundation of our education it is beneficial that students participate in extracurricular activities to grow personally, socially and professionally. These building blocks placed firmly in our lives now secure a greater chance of success in the future.

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