And so the journey begins!

     June 2nd is my first day back to school.  It has been 18 years since I went to college.  It has been way to long! In fact it has been so long that when I took my COMPASS College placement test I placed at Math 025 Beginning Algebra. Evidently math is not like riding a bicycle, I did not take a look at the formula and hop right on.  I was a little humiliated at the thought of having to begin so low, however I am planning on one day having to assist a child in his or her math so I should know how it is done.
It is not how you begin, it is how you finish - Kelly (former co-worker & friend)
     I am studying to become a Education Assistant Teacher.  I remember as a very small child playing classroom teacher.  I would line all of my stuffed animals in rows upon my bed and then placed my pillows on there laps. I passed out 3x5 note-cards and library sized pencils upon the "desks" and taught them for hours.  One day my dad was tearing down a school for a remodel and brought home a student desk, used instructor manuals,  teacher planning sheets, student dittos with carbon copy (yes it was the 80's) and a black board (well it was actually green). You would have thought he brought home tickets to Disney World if you heard my excitement to these hand-me -down gifts. Throughout middle school and high school I continued down the path of becoming a teacher.  When completing career counseling I remember Teacher being the highest recommendation.  So when I graduated high school in 1995 I began studying towards an Associates Degree with a focus on Early Childhood Education.  During this year and a half of college I found whom I thought to be the love of my life, so instead of following my heart towards my dreams, I followed the guy into the life as a military wife. As life went about its course I never went back to school to follow my dream though I did become a mother of 3 children and 2 step children and I happened to volunteer and work as Kids/Youth Group leader, Nursery worker and Sunday School teacher.
     So here I am Summer Semester 2014.  My youngest child is entering Kindergarten this fall so I have decided that it is my time to plunge into my dreams and I have decided to take you all along with me in my journey!

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